Apartment Design With Secret Rooms

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With the desire to have a unique apartment and many trees, this luxury apartment in Tu Liem has been renovated by architects and made it special when the rooms are designed as ” “thanks to the door is designed just like the walls around.

The interior of the apartment is designed in a simple modern style with the main colors gray, white and brown from wood furniture. The walls and doors of the room are decorated as young concrete wall panels and also make the doors become difficult to recognize because it is designed in sync with the walls, making a sense. Mystery when visitors do not know which way to lead into the room.

The metal edges make the concrete wall not too monotonous as well as create a more luxurious feel for the apartment.

Designer: Avalo Furniture Company
Location: Tu Liem, Hanoi
Architect: Le Quang Thach
Photo: Le Quang Thach

Because homeowners are lovers of this green tree, green spaces are also carefully designed by architects and added to the living space.

Because the living space is surrounded by gray walls, the space of the kitchen, dining table and floor is chosen by the architect as the main material that balances the color of the space and makes the house warm. more pressure.

Cabinets are simply designed in light colors that make the room warm. The cabinets and their functions are carefully cared for to provide efficient storage space and space saving.


The bedroom is lively with walls and ceilings surrounded by murals of immense clouds.

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