Beautiful Design Villa Hidden Between Pine Hill

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Nestled in the middle of a pine hill, this beautiful villa is designed in a modern style with steel and glass structure providing a simple open space full of amenities and surrounded by a peaceful natural landscape of pine trees. .

Situated on a high hill, instead of leveling the ground to expand the building area, the terrain elements are retained, a wide view of the surrounding landscape becomes a great advantage for the house. The land was divided into two areas, the lower part was reserved for the garage, the auxiliary room and a winding road leading to the higher section where the villa was built with a “transparent” living room. The hillside entrance creates three views of the valley and allows the sun to “warm” the space through the trees. Large verandas have 3m of space to protect the house from the rain and the harsh sun in Vietnam.

All the trees are kept as if to protect the structure of the villa was built in harmony. A large lawn in front of the living room and bedroom is designated as a children’s playground without disturbing the view from the outside. All the sides of the house are open to ventilation or can open all main doors and windows on beautiful days. The western village undertakes insulation for the bedrooms.

With a lightweight structural solution between the iron and glass it minimizes the cost of construction for the villa, does not affect the current status of the land and facilitates the natural light and ventilation. Clean energy is also one of the criteria of the project with solar roofs, clean water and vegetables. Local materials such as stone and brick are also used to create harmony with nature and minimize construction costs.

Design : Idee Architects
Year: 2018
Architect chaired by Tran Ngoc Linh
Design Team : Nguyen Huy Hai, Do Thoan, Nguyen Ly, Nguyen Dang Quang, Nguyen Dac Nguyen, Join Hung
Photo : Million Campaign

















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