Improve your old kitchen with outstanding blue accents

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From an old kitchen in a small apartment with an old design, it now completely transforms meat into a modern kitchen space with eye-catching blue cabinets that add a touch of space.

The old kitchen space has an old-fashioned design with dull white tones. The items are arranged in a messy, messy and cramped way. A modern kitchen cabinets with lots of cabinets help to “store” the furniture efficiently and make the kitchen space becomes more open and feel more spacious for the kitchen. Green kitchen cabinets with glistening acrylic material.



The devices are also innovated and neatly arranged. At the top of the ceiling is a long line of leds that help brighten up the kitchen space as well as reflect light with the glossy surface of the kitchen cabinet to create shimmering light effects.

Photo: Manu Oristanio

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