The old Bathroom Model Was Transformed After Being Renovated

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From a bathroom space designed and built in the 1990s, it is now completely transformed into a modern bathroom design with gray, white and brown tones.

Through the image, you also see the current state of the bathroom with outdated design, items such as sinks, bathtubs, etc. are outdated. Wishing to have a new space with modern style, the homeowner has asked the designer to renovate the entire bathroom space.

The white tiles are replaced by large gray rectangular bricks that feel like the bathroom is designed with concrete personality.

The old-fashioned washbasin has just taken up space and only one function is replaced by a modern rectangular sink with a neat lower cabinet that gives you more storage space.

The bathtub was removed to create a modern glass bathroom area for a wider feel.

The added wood furniture adds a sense of relaxation and warmth to the bathroom space.

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