20+ Beautiful Modern Style Bathroom Designs

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This article will bring you a collection of beautiful bathroom designs with modern style, a style is being chosen by many people with its diverse and youthful design.

Beautiful modern bathrooms are simply decorated with bright white combined with rustic wooden shelves to create a contrast and warm feeling.

Like the bathroom design above, the main white color with wooden shelves. It is also adorned with black glass frames and prominent metal hangers.

If you are female, make sure this beautiful bathroom will be a suitable choice for noble champagne pink tone.

Your bathroom space will become more luxurious thanks to appliances such as shelves, mirrors, hanging lights, water hoses, pots and so on.

Large glass panels not only help your bathroom feel more spacious but also create a luxury. The bottom of the sink is used as a shelf for towels or other bathroom items.

White 3D brick wall in combination with modern wood cabinets next to the dark tones as black and gray.

To make your bathroom space not too boring you can decorate the wall with bricks with floating patterns. And do not forget to add more LED lights to help your bathroom stand out and sparkle.

The small bathroom space is simply designed to be spacious and divided into two parts for the one-sided bath area with a specially designed mirror as hung by a cord.

Built-in light yellow inside the sink cabinet will help the space fancifully and relax.

If your home is a mansion, the size of the large bathroom will create creative conditions. There is only a single sink, but the shelf is extended to give more space for your cosmetic items. The gray and brown tones of wood create a sense of closeness to nature.

The design of the bathroom with gray tone will create a sense of luxury and mysterious do not forget to combine with wood furniture to balance the warmth of space.

The cream and yellow lights will help your bathroom fill in a warm, relaxing atmosphere.

This beautiful bathroom is a perfect combination of modern colors like gray, brown and white to highlight the highlight.

The rustic wooden cabinet shelf contrasts with the luxurious marble tiles that give your bathroom a new, luxurious feeling mixed with a little rustic simplicity.

You can decorate your bathroom with wall tiles in hexagonal pattern. Yellow light on the background gray tone modern personality.

The beautiful bathroom  is decorated with marble and the braces are yellow gold plated luxury luxury.


Beautiful design for the bathroom with contrasting bold colors.

A round mirror hanging on a white wall with black lines is specially designed to create a lively 3D effect.


You can decorate your bathroom space with boxed patterns with striking colors that make you feel full of life.

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