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As we know that how to choose the latest house model design that we are always looking for to build a house that we will be proud of when we have to adjust the model to the latest style to make it look good and comfortable to live with the family. Minimalist homes have become aspirations for the family.

The time is very fast, and without feeling we have passed the middle of 2017, hopefully not too late to discuss interior design trends in 2017 . This article hopefully will be an inspiration for you to design a home interior, whether in terms of color choices, choice of furniture or even renovating a house.

Trendy Interior Design in 2017. Photo: funnpics.info

Home Interior Design Style Trends in 2017

Home interior design trends in 2017 - Lampung interior house
Home Interior Design Trends in 2017
This year, interest in home interior design is growing rapidly. That was at least seen from the interest in the participation of the home interior design competition carried by Pinterest. Of the hundreds of design works that were submitted to be judged, the judges, as reported by CNNindonesia, sorted out a number of trends that this time were busy being used and becoming favorites. What is the trendy style of home interior design in 2017? Let’s see one by one …

Exterior Style

exterior style interior design trends 2017
Stylish exterior interior design trends 2017, Photos: Pinterest
At the beginning of the year, Jamie Durie, an interior designer from Australia, predicted that the exteriorstyle would be a trend in 2017. It seems that Durie’s predictions are proven, the trend of bringing the nuances of nature outdoors into the home is back into this year’s interior design choices. The use of green leaves on the ceramic or floor, shower

Retro Style of the ’70s

interior design trends 2017 - retro style of the '70s
Retro Interior Design The ’70s style is back in favor. Photo: interdesain.com

Not only the fashion world that returned to the fashion style of the 70s, interior design also led to it. Retro- style interior design is an interior design style that reveals and links back to the style of the past. The word retro itself comes from retrograde English words which mean the meaning has to do with the style of the past. Starting in France, in the early 1970s, the term retro began to be widely used to commemorate, sell, offer, and make public attention to creative works that reminded of the style of the past. Bold or strong colors dominate the home furnishings, from peacock chairs, vintage nuances and vinyl back to fill space in the house.


interior design trends 2017 - terracotta
Terracotta, giving the impression of “Warm”. Photo: Decoist

Warm and comfortable materials such as terracotta tiles (clay) will replace fresher and brighter colors. You can add them for example on one wall in your home, such as the space above your fireplace. This trend brings a more rustic look and adds character to your living room.

DIY Interior Design Style

DIY interior design
Do It Yourself, a living room table from a used wooden pallet. Photo: kusumaproperty

Interior design trends have also begun to apply economic enthusiasm, including furniture that is Do It Yourself or self-made, and uses expensive materials and plywood materials. The trend of busy DIY design in 2016 still persists in 2017.
desain interior Do It Yourself
DIY ideas use a spoon to lock the lock. Photo: media. rooang

DIY interior design trends are even more creative, especially how to create shapes, the uniqueness of the elements used. The use of furniture or designs that combine different shapes or sizes, ranging from hexagon shapes to parallelograms that form regular zig zag plaques to round mirror shapes. Something is no longer just functional but also decorative. With palettes, cups, tables, plants and many other items you can create the magic of decorating. How you DIY will reflect what your personality looks like .

Open Space Style without Bulkhead

style of open space interior design
Open space interior without partition. Photo: www. phillycinema. org
Open space trends , such as open kitchens with living rooms, have become one of the trendy designs in 2017. This trend does not only show the decorative side, with an open design (without bulkhead) you can do several activities simultaneously. In addition, with the lack of land for housing today, open design does not really need a large and more flexible place.

Mini Garden

interior design trends 2017 - mini garden
Mini Garden beautifies the corner of the house. Photo: Benerin Rumah yuuk

The exterior for the park makes plants in unique small pots trendy enough in interior design, and this is still true in 2017. So, if you don’t have a small plant like a mini cactus in your house, now is your chance. You can put them in the living room, bedroom, lounge, bathroom and even in your kitchen. Place wherever you want.

Play Colors and Shapes

interior design trends 2017 - play colors and shapes
Game colors and shapes in interior design 2017. Photo: Indonesia Info
Color watercolor favorite interior design this year. From the walls of the kitchen to the bedroom. Previously popular copper colors began to decline but are still quite attractive. Yellow is a color that is full of surprises in the decorative world because it brings enthusiasm and attracts attention. Yellow resembles a sun that always shines every day in a room. In an interior that is dominant in white and gray, the presence of yellow will provide light and lots of light. Encourage residents.
interior design trends 2017 - chandelier
The chandelier beautifies the interior. Photo: cz.pinterest.com
Copper, gold, quartz are very good and always stylish in interior design. We will always be able to find them in the form of lights, small accessories such as vases, bathroom accessories, candle holders, baskets, photo frames and even pillows. There is no doubt that materials and colors will give a very cool touch to your interior.

Wall Motif

interior design trends 2017 - wall motifs
Design Interior with 3D floral motif stickers. Photo: aliexpress

The flower motif that is a strong trend in 2016 is unlikely to disappear quickly. So if you just had time to change wallpaper with floral motifs, don’t worry, because the age is predicted to be still long.

2017 children's room interior design trends
Children’s Room Interior Design superhero motif. Photo: Minimalist Home Design
The game of wall stickers for children’s rooms is now one of the desirable design trends. Especially the use of decorative motifs of superhero images . The use of wall decorations with these stickers was chosen because it is easy to use, and easily removed or removed, and the price is affordable.

That was the article Interior Design Trends in 2017 , hopefully it can be an inspiration for you.

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