99+ Images of Beautiful Partition Designs from Different Types of Materials

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Besides functioning to divide the room, separate the public and private areas, the partition functions to beautify the interior appearance of the room. The partition partition design is very diverse, both in terms of material and partition models. Partitions can be made in various designs, and made from various materials.

Pictures of Beautiful and Cool Room Partitions from Various Material Types

The following are Lampung interior houses provide examples of image partitions of various types of material, as an inspiration to beautify the room of your home or office of your business.
Partition Images from Wood Material

Wooden partitions have many design models, for example the shape of a display cabinet, or designs with frame walls. The advantage of using parttisi from wood material is that this material can be combined with other materials such as acrylic, stone, or iron, besides that the properties of wood materials are easily formed into various types of multi-functional partitions.





partition-made from wood-house-interior-Lampung
Design the partition of the room made of wood, photo: ask the store


Sample Partition from Bamboo Material, photo: suncityvillas.com


partition-made from bamboo-house-interior-Lampung
Design of partition partition made from Bamboo, photo: Griyamedia


Example of a partition from Multiplex, strong precision and beauty. photo: soka furniture


Partition design from Multiplex, photo: indiamart.com


pictures of rattan-house-interior-lamp-material-partitions
Example of Partition from Rattan Material, photo: www.idekoru.com


Design the partition of the rattan room partition, photo: Rumahku.com


Example of partitions from fabric material, photo: charisma of architecture


Design partition partition hanging fabric made from fabric, photo: stopchasinginfluencers.com


Examples of Partitions from Glass Material, photo: Pinterest


Sample Partitions from Metal Materials, photo: waysto.com.au


Partition Examples of Gypsum Materials, photo: artflyz.com


Partition design from Aklirik material, photo: Laser Cutting service


Example of a Partition from Aklirik Material, photo: Bukalapak


Example of partitions from plant material, greening the room. photo: pinterest.com


Partition design of plants, photo: Furnizing

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