55 Modern and Minimalist Bathroom Glass Designs

55 Modern and Minimalist Glass Designs – The bathroom is one of the most important things in a house. Although usually located at the back of the house, the bathroom has a more important function than the kitchen, even the bedroom.

This is because the bathroom serves as a place to clean up and relax after a day of activities that make the body dirty. Because of this function, the bathroom cannot be replaced with a bedroom or kitchen. In addition to the presence of a bathroom at home, the most important thing is the completeness of bathroom equipment or furniture. Maybe this sounds trivial, but try to pay, it’s not funny when we are taking a shower suddenly not find a dipper or shower is not lit? For that to have a bathroom with complete equipment is important, in addition to supporting all our needs also makes the bathroom more comfortable because all we need is in the bathroom.

55 Modern and Minimalist Bathroom Glass Designs

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55 Modern and Minimalist Bathroom Glass Designs
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In order for our bathroom to look more attractive, we can put a small glass without any decoration, or we can also look for glass that has a unique design or has a frame as found in some designs of 55 Modern and Minimalist Bathroom Glass Designs above. By utilizing simple things, the bathroom will look more sweet and attractive.
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Synthetic beautiful glass bathroom makes you fascinated

Glass bathroom is increasingly chosen for the bathing space beautiful because not only help separate the bath area with the outer space by the glass walls but also help your bathroom more luxurious and more beautiful.

A moderately sized campus is surrounded by glass walls that allow the bathroom space outside the glass bathroom to be wet and also thanks to the transparency of the glass that helps to avoid the feeling of suffocation and mucus. Picture in a small glass bathroom .

Normally, to coordinate and get a perfect glass bathroom space, the design style is often chosen as the minimalist modern style, creating a spacious, comfortable and relaxing bathroom space. But just a space made up of simple glass walls, we can transform and make them beautiful and attractive thanks to the coordinated design of the overall space of the bathroom. Depending on your preference we can choose a suitable design style. If you have not idea, please refer to the beautiful glass bathroomluxury that has been selected to introduce us to everyone.

A simple modern design reference with natural colors such as gray from concrete or brown wood gives a space to bathe in nature.

This is probably a model bathroom glass suitable for the apartment with simple neat design with bright colors to bring fresh feeling and warmth.


If your home is a beautiful  luxury villa with spacious rooms, you can combine a glass-walled bathroom with sauna or even a double bath that we are sure to see in the design. bathroom.

The bathroom model with tempered glass wall and the perfect combination of wood and concrete material to feel the nature. Also part of the wall is made of steel plates with penetrating holes to bring warm light into the bathroom space


A glass bathroom with black personality.

The space of bathroom glass with 2 colors in black and white contrasts with both luxury and luxury.




The beautiful glass shower room updated 20/10/2017:












Collected photo

Beautiful bathroom model with red bordeaux

In this article, we would like to introduce you a beautiful bathroom model with striking bordeaux red fancy. With modern design simple, bathroom space is largely covered by a fancy color, red bordeaux will create a new bathroom space and no less luxurious.







Luxury bathroom design with Art Deco style

If you want a nice and luxurious bathroom space , think of the Art Deco style, as it will give you a perfect bathing space and splendor.

Originated in Paris in the 1920s, the Art Deco style is a typical eclectic decorative school with elegance and sophistication. One of the highlights of the Art Deco style in interior design is the use of modern materials such as stainless steel, glass, wood and marble to make your space truly luxurious. .










Beautiful bedroom design for girls

The space is covered with beautiful colors and cute patterns are what a beautiful bedroom for girls need.

In terms of color, the two white and pink tones were chosen by many for the bedroom space for girls, as it created a feminine, seductive, and cute feel to represent a girl. .

The pink wall with white dots accentuates the room and gives the room more vitality.

All the cabinets are designed with beautiful hearts.

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30 Beautifully designed bathroom interior with small space

Today, nhadep-nblog.com  would like to introduce 30 designs of beautiful bathroom furniture with small area for your reference. Although the area of ​​your bathroom is not too wide but just a reasonable layout, you still have a spacious and beautiful bathroom .

There are many ways to place your bathroom more spacious such as: buy not too large bathtub, choose the high sink fit the overall style of interior to create more space , large floor tiles as well as bright colors for the walls will also feel more spacious.










































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To get a nice bedroom space for children is always challenging with the designer. They always have a lot of ideas but to grasp the psychology and interests of children is not an easy thing. Today, I would like to introduce to you parents 25 beautiful bedrooms with modern creative design colorful for your baby!

























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