20+ Beautiful Modern Style Bathroom Designs

This article will bring you a collection of beautiful bathroom designs with modern style, a style is being chosen by many people with its diverse and youthful design.

Beautiful modern bathrooms are simply decorated with bright white combined with rustic wooden shelves to create a contrast and warm feeling.

Like the bathroom design above, the main white color with wooden shelves. It is also adorned with black glass frames and prominent metal hangers.

If you are female, make sure this beautiful bathroom will be a suitable choice for noble champagne pink tone.

Your bathroom space will become more luxurious thanks to appliances such as shelves, mirrors, hanging lights, water hoses, pots and so on.

Large glass panels not only help your bathroom feel more spacious but also create a luxury. The bottom of the sink is used as a shelf for towels or other bathroom items.

White 3D brick wall in combination with modern wood cabinets next to the dark tones as black and gray.

To make your bathroom space not too boring you can decorate the wall with bricks with floating patterns. And do not forget to add more LED lights to help your bathroom stand out and sparkle.

The small bathroom space is simply designed to be spacious and divided into two parts for the one-sided bath area with a specially designed mirror as hung by a cord.

Built-in light yellow inside the sink cabinet will help the space fancifully and relax.

If your home is a mansion, the size of the large bathroom will create creative conditions. There is only a single sink, but the shelf is extended to give more space for your cosmetic items. The gray and brown tones of wood create a sense of closeness to nature.

The design of the bathroom with gray tone will create a sense of luxury and mysterious do not forget to combine with wood furniture to balance the warmth of space.

The cream and yellow lights will help your bathroom fill in a warm, relaxing atmosphere.

This beautiful bathroom is a perfect combination of modern colors like gray, brown and white to highlight the highlight.

The rustic wooden cabinet shelf contrasts with the luxurious marble tiles that give your bathroom a new, luxurious feeling mixed with a little rustic simplicity.

You can decorate your bathroom with wall tiles in hexagonal pattern. Yellow light on the background gray tone modern personality.

The beautiful bathroom  is decorated with marble and the braces are yellow gold plated luxury luxury.


Beautiful design for the bathroom with contrasting bold colors.

A round mirror hanging on a white wall with black lines is specially designed to create a lively 3D effect.


You can decorate your bathroom space with boxed patterns with striking colors that make you feel full of life.

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Modern Villa Design: Incredible SU House by Alexander Brenner

The SU home is a contemporary villa fairly completely different from others. Designed by the very artistic architect, Alexander Brenner, showcasing architectural genius and elegance.
The trendy villa is located on the fringe of a forest, within the south of Stuttgart, Germany. This surroundings ensures there’s all the time a comfortable really feel to the SU home. The construction is erected inside a plot dimension of two.125 meter sq., with a residing space of 640 meter sq..
A correct have a look at the aesthetically stunning construction exhibits that the architect paid consideration to element. Each a part of the construction oozes magnificence and class that may depart one jaw dropped.
Modern Villa Design: Incredible SU House by Alexander Brenner








Superb architectural options
One other pretty view on this fashionable villa is the backyard stage, which consists of the pool and spa space. The home doesn’t lack in modernity in anyway, with sauna and steam bathtub that are stored completely heat in purple and gold stones. The indoor swimming pool alternatively opens with a floor-to-ceiling glazing in direction of the decrease south-west a part of the backyard. A design not frequent in lots of fashionable villas, exhibiting how actually the actual sense of modernity is outlined by the SU home.









Improve your old kitchen with outstanding blue accents

From an old kitchen in a small apartment with an old design, it now completely transforms meat into a modern kitchen space with eye-catching blue cabinets that add a touch of space.

The old kitchen space has an old-fashioned design with dull white tones. The items are arranged in a messy, messy and cramped way. A modern kitchen cabinets with lots of cabinets help to “store” the furniture efficiently and make the kitchen space becomes more open and feel more spacious for the kitchen. Green kitchen cabinets with glistening acrylic material.



The devices are also innovated and neatly arranged. At the top of the ceiling is a long line of leds that help brighten up the kitchen space as well as reflect light with the glossy surface of the kitchen cabinet to create shimmering light effects.

Photo: Manu Oristanio

The old Bathroom Model Was Transformed After Being Renovated

From a bathroom space designed and built in the 1990s, it is now completely transformed into a modern bathroom design with gray, white and brown tones.

Through the image, you also see the current state of the bathroom with outdated design, items such as sinks, bathtubs, etc. are outdated. Wishing to have a new space with modern style, the homeowner has asked the designer to renovate the entire bathroom space.

The white tiles are replaced by large gray rectangular bricks that feel like the bathroom is designed with concrete personality.

The old-fashioned washbasin has just taken up space and only one function is replaced by a modern rectangular sink with a neat lower cabinet that gives you more storage space.

The bathtub was removed to create a modern glass bathroom area for a wider feel.

The added wood furniture adds a sense of relaxation and warmth to the bathroom space.

Apartment Design With Secret Rooms

With the desire to have a unique apartment and many trees, this luxury apartment in Tu Liem has been renovated by architects and made it special when the rooms are designed as ” “thanks to the door is designed just like the walls around.

The interior of the apartment is designed in a simple modern style with the main colors gray, white and brown from wood furniture. The walls and doors of the room are decorated as young concrete wall panels and also make the doors become difficult to recognize because it is designed in sync with the walls, making a sense. Mystery when visitors do not know which way to lead into the room.

The metal edges make the concrete wall not too monotonous as well as create a more luxurious feel for the apartment.

Designer: Avalo Furniture Company
Location: Tu Liem, Hanoi
Architect: Le Quang Thach
Photo: Le Quang Thach

Because homeowners are lovers of this green tree, green spaces are also carefully designed by architects and added to the living space.

Because the living space is surrounded by gray walls, the space of the kitchen, dining table and floor is chosen by the architect as the main material that balances the color of the space and makes the house warm. more pressure.

Cabinets are simply designed in light colors that make the room warm. The cabinets and their functions are carefully cared for to provide efficient storage space and space saving.


The bedroom is lively with walls and ceilings surrounded by murals of immense clouds.

Beautiful Design Villa Hidden Between Pine Hill

Nestled in the middle of a pine hill, this beautiful villa is designed in a modern style with steel and glass structure providing a simple open space full of amenities and surrounded by a peaceful natural landscape of pine trees. .

Situated on a high hill, instead of leveling the ground to expand the building area, the terrain elements are retained, a wide view of the surrounding landscape becomes a great advantage for the house. The land was divided into two areas, the lower part was reserved for the garage, the auxiliary room and a winding road leading to the higher section where the villa was built with a “transparent” living room. The hillside entrance creates three views of the valley and allows the sun to “warm” the space through the trees. Large verandas have 3m of space to protect the house from the rain and the harsh sun in Vietnam.

All the trees are kept as if to protect the structure of the villa was built in harmony. A large lawn in front of the living room and bedroom is designated as a children’s playground without disturbing the view from the outside. All the sides of the house are open to ventilation or can open all main doors and windows on beautiful days. The western village undertakes insulation for the bedrooms.

With a lightweight structural solution between the iron and glass it minimizes the cost of construction for the villa, does not affect the current status of the land and facilitates the natural light and ventilation. Clean energy is also one of the criteria of the project with solar roofs, clean water and vegetables. Local materials such as stone and brick are also used to create harmony with nature and minimize construction costs.

Design : Idee Architects
Year: 2018
Architect chaired by Tran Ngoc Linh
Design Team : Nguyen Huy Hai, Do Thoan, Nguyen Ly, Nguyen Dang Quang, Nguyen Dac Nguyen, Join Hung
Photo : Million Campaign